Providing Accreditation since 1986
CIMAT was formed to establish training standards for companies or organizations wishing to train individuals in Mediation. Mediation is a complex profession, individuals need specific training to act in the role of a Mediator and in some states be licensed as an Attorney. CIMAT board of admissions evaluates teachers and material to make sure that the standards of quality training are met, ensuring the students of the highest caliber of training that is available in their area.

The skills required to meet state qualification are listed in our State by State section. Agencies/Organizations certified are listed State by State under Certified Trainers.
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Improving Education Through Accreditation

Founded in 1985, the Commission of Institutional for Mediation and Arbitration Training (CIFMAT), is the nation’s oldest regional accrediting association whose mission is the establishment and maintenance of high standards for all levels of education in the field of Mediation and Arbitration Training.

“Accreditation has been a longstanding stimulus for educational improvement throughout the world” says Bill Rider President and CEO of CIFMAT. “CIFMAT prides itself on its enduring commitment to self-regulation and peer-review.  The peer-review process brings educators from all over the United States together and allows for honest, objective and comprehensive evaluations carried out with the utmost integrity and commitment to research-driven standards.”

CIFMAT serves more than 2,000 schools, throughout America and American/international schools in more than 67 nations worldwide.