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Reporting Guidelines

In keeping with its Policy on the Periodic Review of Accredited Institutions, the Commission regularly requests reports from its member and candidate institutions. Accredited institutions undergo comprehensive evaluations at least every ten years. Newly accredited institutions are revisited within five years. Institutions are subject to a variety of other monitoring mechanisms, including an annual report and an interim report for all accredited institutions, as well as focused visits and progress reports as deemed necessary by the Commission.

The nature and timing of such reviews vary in accordance with the circumstances at a given institution. If an institution undergoes a substantive change or if at any time its educational effectiveness is seriously questioned, the Commission reserves the right to review that institution’s accreditation without regard to any previously indicated time pattern.

Submitting Reports to the Commission: Institutions are asked to follow the Guidelines for formatting documents to be submitted to the CIFMAT Commission on Institutions of Higher Education when preparing documents for Commission review.  As noted in the Guidelines, the Commission requests an electronic copy (single, searchable pdf file) and four paper copies of all reports.  Reports should be single-spaced, paginated, and printed on both sides of the page. Lengthy reports should be bound as simply as possible, preferably not in binders. All reports under 50 pages should be unstapled and unbound

Specific report-preparation guidelines and required forms for institutional reports are available through the menu on the left. Questions about report preparation may be directed to any member of the Commission staff.

Reports to the Commission are confidential. The Commission encourages institutions to make them widely available. 

  • Comprehensive Evaluation
  • Interim (Fifth-Year) Report
  • Progress Report
  • Substantive Change Proposals